Robotics Library  0.7.0
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rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::Hand Struct Reference

#include <MitsubishiR3.h>

Public Attributes

int outputNo
 Signal number allocated in hand (-1: not used). More...
HandSts handSts
 Hand output status. More...
HandType handType
 Hand type. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ handSts

HandSts rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::Hand::handSts

Hand output status.

◆ handType

HandType rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::Hand::handType

Hand type.

◆ outputNo

int rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::Hand::outputNo

Signal number allocated in hand (-1: not used).

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