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rl::plan::RrtDual Class Reference

#include <RrtDual.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RrtDual ()
virtual ~RrtDual ()
virtual ::std::string getName () const
virtual VectorList getPath ()
 Get solution path. More...
virtual bool solve ()
 Find collision free path. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from rl::plan::Rrt
 Rrt (const ::std::size_t &trees=1)
virtual ~Rrt ()
NearestNeighborsgetNearestNeighbors (const ::std::size_t &i) const
virtual ::std::size_t getNumEdges () const
virtual ::std::size_t getNumVertices () const
virtual void reset ()
 Reset planner. More...
void setNearestNeighbors (NearestNeighbors *nearestNeighbors, const ::std::size_t &i)
- Public Member Functions inherited from rl::plan::Planner
 Planner ()
virtual ~Planner ()
bool verify ()
 Vertify that start and goal configuration are within joint limits and collision free. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from rl::plan::Rrt
::rl::math::Real delta
 Configuration step size. More...
::rl::math::Real epsilon
 Epsilon for configuration comparison. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from rl::plan::Planner
::std::chrono::steady_clock::duration duration
 Upper bound for search. More...
 Goal configuration. More...
 Start configuration. More...
- Protected Types inherited from rl::plan::Rrt
typedef ::boost::adjacency_list< ::boost::listS, ::boost::listS, ::boost::bidirectionalS, ::std::shared_ptr< VertexBundle >, ::boost::no_property, TreeBundleTree
typedef ::boost::adjacency_list_traits< ::boost::listS, ::boost::listS, ::boost::bidirectionalS, ::boost::listS >::vertex_descriptor Vertex
typedef ::boost::graph_traits< Tree >::edge_descriptor Edge
typedef ::boost::graph_traits< Tree >::edge_iterator EdgeIterator
typedef ::std::pair< EdgeIterator, EdgeIteratorEdgeIteratorPair
typedef ::std::pair< ::rl::math::Real, VertexNeighbor
typedef ::boost::graph_traits< Tree >::vertex_iterator VertexIterator
typedef ::std::pair< VertexIterator, VertexIteratorVertexIteratorPair
- Protected Member Functions inherited from rl::plan::Rrt
virtual Edge addEdge (const Vertex &u, const Vertex &v, Tree &tree)
virtual Vertex addVertex (Tree &tree, const VectorPtr &q)
bool areEqual (const ::rl::math::Vector &lhs, const ::rl::math::Vector &rhs) const
virtual ::rl::math::Vector choose ()
virtual Vertex connect (Tree &tree, const Neighbor &nearest, const ::rl::math::Vector &chosen)
virtual Vertex extend (Tree &tree, const Neighbor &nearest, const ::rl::math::Vector &chosen)
virtual Neighbor nearest (const Tree &tree, const ::rl::math::Vector &chosen)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from rl::plan::Rrt
static VertexBundleget (const Tree &tree, const Vertex &v)
- Protected Attributes inherited from rl::plan::Rrt
::std::vector< Vertexbegin
::std::vector< Vertexend
::std::vector< Treetree
- Protected Attributes inherited from rl::plan::Planner
::std::chrono::steady_clock::time_point time

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RrtDual()

rl::plan::RrtDual::RrtDual ( )

◆ ~RrtDual()

rl::plan::RrtDual::~RrtDual ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getName()

std::string rl::plan::RrtDual::getName ( ) const

Reimplemented from rl::plan::Rrt.

Reimplemented in rl::plan::RrtExtExt, and rl::plan::RrtExtCon.

◆ getPath()

VectorList rl::plan::RrtDual::getPath ( )

Get solution path.


Reimplemented from rl::plan::Rrt.

◆ solve()

bool rl::plan::RrtDual::solve ( )

Find collision free path.

Reimplemented from rl::plan::Rrt.

Reimplemented in rl::plan::RrtExtExt, rl::plan::RrtExtCon, rl::plan::RrtConCon, and rl::plan::AddRrtConCon.

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