Robotics Library  0.7.0
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rl::hal::MitsubishiH7::Command::Data Union Reference

#include <MitsubishiH7.h>

Public Attributes

Pose pos
 XYZ type [mm or rad]. More...
Joint jnt
 Joint type [rad]. More...
Pulse pls
 Motor pulse type [the pulse] or current type [%]. More...
::std::int32_t lng [8]
 Integer type [%% / non-unit]. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ jnt

Joint rl::hal::MitsubishiH7::Command::Data::jnt

Joint type [rad].

◆ lng

::std::int32_t rl::hal::MitsubishiH7::Command::Data::lng[8]

Integer type [%% / non-unit].

◆ pls

Pulse rl::hal::MitsubishiH7::Command::Data::pls

Motor pulse type [the pulse] or current type [%].

◆ pos

Pose rl::hal::MitsubishiH7::Command::Data::pos

XYZ type [mm or rad].

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