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rl::sg::pqp::Scene Class Reference

#include <Scene.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Scene ()
virtual ~Scene ()
bool areColliding (::rl::sg::Shape *first, ::rl::sg::Shape *second)
::rl::sg::Modelcreate ()
::rl::math::Real distance (::rl::sg::Shape *first, ::rl::sg::Shape *second, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point1, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point2)
::rl::math::Real distance (::rl::sg::Shape *shape, const ::rl::math::Vector3 &point, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point1, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point2)
- Public Member Functions inherited from rl::sg::DistanceScene
 DistanceScene ()
virtual ~DistanceScene ()
virtual ::rl::math::Real distance (const ::rl::math::Vector3 &point, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point1, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point2)
virtual ::rl::math::Real distance (Body *first, Body *second, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point1, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point2)
virtual ::rl::math::Real distance (Body *body, const ::rl::math::Vector3 &point, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point1, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point2)
virtual ::rl::math::Real distance (Model *first, Model *second, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point1, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point2)
virtual ::rl::math::Real distance (Model *model, const ::rl::math::Vector3 &point, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point1, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point2)
virtual ::rl::math::Real distance (Shape *first, Shape *second, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point1, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point2)=0
virtual ::rl::math::Real distance (Shape *shape, const ::rl::math::Vector3 &point, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point1, ::rl::math::Vector3 &point2)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from rl::sg::Scene
 Scene ()
virtual void add (Model *model)
Iterator begin ()
Iterator end ()
ModelgetModel (const ::std::size_t &i) const
virtual ::std::string getName () const
::std::size_t getNumModels () const
void load (const ::std::string &filename, const bool &doBoundingBoxPoints=false, const bool &doPoints=false)
virtual void remove (Model *model)
virtual void setName (const ::std::string &name)
- Public Member Functions inherited from rl::sg::SimpleScene
 SimpleScene ()
virtual ~SimpleScene ()
virtual bool areColliding (Body *first, Body *second)
virtual bool areColliding (Model *first, Model *second)
virtual bool areColliding (Shape *first, Shape *second)=0
virtual bool isColliding ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from rl::sg::Scene
typedef ::std::vector< Model * >::iterator Iterator
- Protected Attributes inherited from rl::sg::Scene
bool isScalingSupported
::std::vector< Model * > models

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Scene()

rl::sg::pqp::Scene::Scene ( )

◆ ~Scene()

rl::sg::pqp::Scene::~Scene ( )

Reimplemented from rl::sg::Scene.

Member Function Documentation

◆ areColliding()

bool rl::sg::pqp::Scene::areColliding ( ::rl::sg::Shape first,
::rl::sg::Shape second 

◆ create()

rl::sg::Model * rl::sg::pqp::Scene::create ( )

Implements rl::sg::Scene.

◆ distance() [1/2]

rl::math::Real rl::sg::pqp::Scene::distance ( ::rl::sg::Shape first,
::rl::sg::Shape second,
::rl::math::Vector3 point1,
::rl::math::Vector3 point2 

◆ distance() [2/2]

rl::math::Real rl::sg::pqp::Scene::distance ( ::rl::sg::Shape shape,
const ::rl::math::Vector3 point,
::rl::math::Vector3 point1,
::rl::math::Vector3 point2 

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