Robotics Library  0.7.0
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rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::RunState Struct Reference

#include <MitsubishiR3.h>

Public Attributes

char programName [256]
 Program name loaded into task slot. More...
int lineNo
 Execution line number. More...
int override
 A present override value is read. More...
EditSts editSts
 Edit status. More...
RunSts runSts
 Run status. More...
StopSts stopSts
 Stop status. More...
int errorNo
 Error number (0: no error). More...
int stepNo
 Execution step number. More...
MechInfo mechInfo
 Mech info. More...
char taskPrgName [256]
 Program name of slot table. More...
bool isTaskModeCycle
 Operation mode of slot table (REP / CYC). More...
TaskCond taskCond
 Stating conditions of slot table. More...
int taskPri
 Priority of slot table (1 - 31). More...
int mechNo
 Mech number under use. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ editSts

EditSts rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::RunState::editSts

Edit status.

◆ errorNo

int rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::RunState::errorNo

Error number (0: no error).

◆ isTaskModeCycle

bool rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::RunState::isTaskModeCycle

Operation mode of slot table (REP / CYC).

◆ lineNo

int rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::RunState::lineNo

Execution line number.

◆ mechInfo

MechInfo rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::RunState::mechInfo

Mech info.

◆ mechNo

int rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::RunState::mechNo

Mech number under use.

◆ override

int rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::RunState::override

A present override value is read.

◆ programName

char rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::RunState::programName[256]

Program name loaded into task slot.

◆ runSts

RunSts rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::RunState::runSts

Run status.

◆ stepNo

int rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::RunState::stepNo

Execution step number.

◆ stopSts

StopSts rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::RunState::stopSts

Stop status.

◆ taskCond

TaskCond rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::RunState::taskCond

Stating conditions of slot table.

◆ taskPrgName

char rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::RunState::taskPrgName[256]

Program name of slot table.

◆ taskPri

int rl::hal::MitsubishiR3::RunState::taskPri

Priority of slot table (1 - 31).

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